1. Choose Compassion!

    I love animals! My husband Tim and I have three furry kids. I am saddened by the way animals are raised for food in our world. They are not treated as live beings, but as things. Companies subject the animals to horrible living conditions and inhumane slaughtering methods. There are more than 56 billion animals killed every year in the United States for food, not including seafood.   I have been …Read More

  2. Blank Canvas – A New Year, A New You!

    "If you can dream it, you can do it."  Walt Disney   Each year in January I feel as if I'm gifted a brand new blank canvas.  There is something very exciting, and at the same time very daunting, about a blank canvas.  I envision how beautiful it will look when complete, but also recognize all of the labor and steps required to paint that masterpiece.  With this new canvas in hand I realize th…Read More

  3. Quick Weight Loss with a Detox Diet

    The best way for quick weight loss is with a Detox Diet. Why Detox your body? Did you realize the average American tests positive for almost 300 chemicals in their bloodstream including jet fuel, plasticizers, pesticides, and herbicides? With the toxins in our environment, (A special thanks to the good folks at One Green Planet and article author Kelsey McClelland) you really have no choice but to…Read More

  4. Juicing for Health with a Juice Fast

    Thanks to the incredible documentary titled Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, juicing for health and well-being has had a resurgence in the public awareness. As a nutritionist and health coach, I have spent time learning about and personally trying a variety of diets and health regimes. In the form of a juice fast, juicing for health is one of the safest and most impactful methods I have seen work on m…Read More