Deb Harrell, ND, passionate wellness warrior and vessel of truth to a world in desperate need of healing


  • Author of HEAL: Your Path to Thriving (published Dec., 2021)
  • 20+ years teaching people how to reclaim their health – body, soul & spirit
  • Bachelor of Science – University of Louisville
  • Naturopathic Doctor and Counselor of Natural Health – College of Natural Health
  • Professional Health Coach – HealthCoachingU
  • Certified Health Minister – Back to the Garden Health Ministry/Hallelujah Acres
  • Competent Communicator – Toastmasters, International
  • International speaker on wellness and personal growth
  • Certified instructor with Learning Strategies on Living the Law of Attraction and Abundance for Life
  • Voted by her peers as Healthcare Professional of the Year in 2009

Deb and her husband Tim live in Jacksonville, FL. Together they have 5 grown children and 10 grandchildren. Dr. Deb is passionate about her family and says they are the reason she places self-care as a priority. She wants to be around for them and leave a legacy of health and vitality.


Tired of nagging health challenges that will not go away “no matter what?” Had enough of the extra baggage around your middle despite trying many diets, supplements, and programs? You’re not alone!

We’ve been told that “everything in moderation” will give you optimal weight and good health, when the fact is that moderation can kill. People often look to the medical profession to get answers to their health concerns. Unfortunately, doctors are largely ill-equipped to provide guidance on the optimal fuel for the human body. Our failed system leaves us with less-than-optimal results. The reality is that 74% of American adults are overweight or obese, with a whopping 43% obese! Sadly, children don’t fare so well either as over 35% of them are overweight or obese. Extra weight leads to chronic health conditions that require more and more children and adults to take prescription drugs daily.

We must stop the insanity and reverse this tide before it is too late. Confusion is often the problem as it is hard for people to sift through the abundance of health advice available at the touch of a button. There are many foods that simply do not provide optimal fuel for the human body, no matter how moderately you eat them.

HEAL: Your Path to Thriving by Dr. Deb Harrell is a compelling book which explores nutrition and wellness to help you prevent and heal disease and live a more vibrant life. HEAL empowers you from a practical standpoint and includes valuable resources and recipes to make your journey easier. Dr. Deb understands the difficulties facing you because she battled her own issues with self-sabotage when changing her lifestyle to get healthy. If you are ready to draw a line in the sand and reclaim your vitality, then HEAL is for you!


Dr. Deb's Recipe's

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