1. real changes in my life

    I can tell you…I have made real changes in my life because of the weekend I spent with Deb. The bonding that occurred between the gals in my tribe was much needed. It’s important to connect…”Really connect” with other women so you get clarity that you are not alone in all of your struggles. I drew a line on finally following a life long dream of moving out of Florida. I will be starting my new job and moving into a beautiful home built in 1878 on Sept. 1, 2016. You will finally hold yourself accountable for issues you have buried for a lifetime maybe. Oh and by the way, you do all th…Read More

    Vanessa Gonzalez
  2. accomplished

    Hi, Dr. Deb. I just wanted to give you an update on all the positive steps I’ve taken in my life since attending your retreat in April. As I’m sure you remember, my goal is to be able to move out of my nursing career and begin my humane education calling, with the goal of spreading the word about veganism & it’s benefits for human health, animal welfare, environmental protection, and ending factory farming. This has felt like a monumental challenge and I have faced a lot of fears over the last couple of months. I have often felt like I’m not making progress at all. But when I take …Read More

    Mary Anast Mack