I love animals! My husband Tim and I have three furry kids. I am saddened by the way animals are raised for food in our world. They are not treated as live beings, but as things. Companies subject the animals to horrible living conditions and inhumane slaughtering methods. There are more than 56 billion animals killed every year in the United States for food, not including seafood.
I have been on a plant-based diet since 1976, which means I have saved over 8,000 animal lives so far! That is something that I am proud of!
I urge you to check out what is happening to the animals that end up on your plate. If you are OK with the way they are treated and killed, then that’s fine. You should be aware of the truth because when you partake in anything, you give tacit agreement. “Know before you agree”, don’t you think? Some people believe that ignorance is bliss, but it isn’t! When you eat these animals, you absorb the negative energy of these tortured creatures. So I am suggesting that you decide if that’s what you want to do beforehand. You vote with your wallet, so make sure you are voting for something that you agree with! Check out www.mercyforanimals.org for more valuable information!
I recommend the following resources to help you with your decision:

Break away from the pack and make informed decisions about your food.  Choose compassion and if you elect to eat animal products, find a local farmer and verify humane treatment and killing of the animals.  Together we can stop CRUELTY!

Dr. Deb